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Sellers Equity

Transfer Duties & Rates

Have you sold your house and need access to cash in a blink, for whatever reason?

One of the property industry’s biggest frustrations is the lengthy period of time it takes for the profits to be accessible, after the sale of a property. Waiting for property to be registered in the name of its new owner can be a tedious process, creating huge setbacks in allowing you to access funds

Once you request for finance has been approved, this Blink product will provide you with 80% of the equity accrued from the sale of your property.

Further Bonds & Switches

Sold Your Property?

Need cash to cover the rates and taxes or need to pay transfer duties and costs on your new dream home. Blink has the product to help with these cash flow problems.

Applying for a further bond or switching your bond to another bank? This Blink product can get the funds to you quicker!

Applying for a further bond or switching your bond to another bank, can be a tedious process involving lengthy waiting periods. This Blink product can provide you with up to 80% of the total equity amount.

If the following criteria apply to you:

Once the relevant paperwork has been submitted, Blink can provide almost immediate access to funds.

Signing a cheque

Agent Commission

Tired of waiting for your agent’s commission to be paid out on the sale of a property? Blink products give you the power to get money out sooner.

Bridgelink has designed a package specifically for estate agencies, allowing you to have greater control over your cash flow, and the freedom to focus on sales.

Provided that the Estate Agency Principal is a member of the Estate Agency Affairs Board, we can advance up to 80% of your estate agents commission in the blink of an eye.

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